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2017 CASA of the Year

Steve Friedman, 2017 CASA of the Year

Congratulations to Steve Friedman!

Steve attended our very first CASA pre-service training and has represented 6 children over this last year.  I'll never forget when Steve called me, right after accepting his first case.  He was in disbelief over the 17-year-old child that he was assigned to advocate for, who weighed 38 pounds, and was severely brain damaged resulting in profound developmental delays.  This child was born premature, had severe cerebral palsy, was blind, and had various other health conditions.  The child had not received any specialized educational or therapeutic interventions.
~ By Michele Blazina, Program Director

Steve hit the ground running and did not stop.  He facilitated medical treatment, educational services, and services through the Board of Developmental Disabilities, he kept in contact with all the various providers, and over time built a positive relationship with the mother.  Steve has tirelessly fought for each child he has worked with.  He is gentle, has a strong ability to gain the trust of the families he works with, and is genuine.
~ By Vida Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator