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Evaluating Child Advocacy in Cuyahoga County: CASA and GAL Programs

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Authors: Wendy Regoeczi, Ph.D, Meghan Salas Atwell, Ph.D., Rob Fischer Ph.D., Michael Henderson, Ph.D., Stephen Steh, M.A. & Elsie Day, Esq. 

This brief reports on phase two of a process and outcome evaluation of the CASA program in Cuyahoga County. The goals of the process evaluation were to assess perceptions among the CASA volunteers and coordinators, magistrates, and family members about CASA and GAL services; to compare attorney GAL and CASA reports; and to observe court hearings. The outcome evaluation is based on the use of a random assignment procedure between March 2016 and December 2017. Researchers compared those cases assigned standard attorney GAL-only services to those cases assigned both a CASA volunteer and attorney-GAL services. Outcomes related to court occurrences, new reports of abuse/ neglect, and within-group services received among the treatment group were explored. This report was made possible through support from The Cleveland Foundation and The George Gund Foundation.



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