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Parenting and Other Resources

CCDCFS Resources for Kinship Caregivers
Joyner and Associates Offers a terrific free drug education class in downtown Cleveland, Mentor and Bay Village. This is an excellent resource for GALs, parents and the general public.
Parenting Time Resources Guide
CCDCFS Client Resources

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court's forms for Custody and Visitation (Directed to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court website)

These forms are offered with the proviso that although you have the right to represent yourself, we recommend that you retain an attorney experienced in the practice of Juvenile Law.

If you are representing yourself, you will still have to become knowledgeable of the applicable Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, all applicable statutory laws, and the Local Rules of Court.

Application to determine Custody or Visitation

Motion to Modify Custody or Visitation

Parenting Time & Holiday Schedules

These forms were drafted in conformity with the Standard Visitation Guidelines adopted by the Juvenile court and proposed Local Rule 29: Parenting Time/Shared Parenting. Use of these forms will not guarantee court approval. The court will review any agreements to ensure that the proposed schedules are in the child's best interest.

Shared Parenting Plan
Standard Parenting Time Schedule

Children & Domestic Violence

Fact sheets to help you understand how children may react to domestic violence, and how you can best help them to feel safe and valued and develop personal strength

Children and Domestic Violence