O'Boyle Scholarship Fund - Child & Family Advocates of Cuyahoga County
Child & Family Advocates of Cuyahoga County improves the lives of children and families involved in the juvenile justice, child welfare, and family law systems.
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O’Boyle Scholarship Fund

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Every day, more than 3,000 children who have experienced abuse or neglect are living in protective care because it isn’t safe for them at home.  These children have experienced trauma and loss, and their lives have been turned upside down.  Through no fault of their own, these abused children have become a part of an overburdened child welfare system.

Cuyahoga County’s CASA volunteers come from all walks of life committed to becoming a powerful voice for these children in school, in the community, and in court, advocating for their best interest.  CASA volunteers not only bring positive change to the lives of these vulnerable children, but also their children and generations to come.

Learn more about how you can Change A Child’s Story.  Child and Family Advocates of Cuyahoga County and our dedicated CASA volunteers are committed to ensuring that these vulnerable children do not go unnoticed.

Kevin O'Boyle

In Memory of Kevin O’Boyle

Child and Family Advocates of Cuyahoga County (CFACC) is shocked and saddened to announce the passing of CASA volunteer and board member Kevin O’Boyle.  Wanting to improve the lives of at-risk children, Kevin became a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer while living in Chicago, and was instrumental in bringing the CASA Program to Cuyahoga County in 2015.  He served on the board of CFACC from 2016-2020. Kevin also served as Chairperson of the OH state CASA board from 2019 until his unfortunate passing.

Kevin was a tireless advocate for children who had been neglected and abused and was personally appointed as a CASA volunteer for more than a dozen children, looking into their welfare and participating in Court appearances on their behalf. Kevin was also an outstanding ambassador for CASA, speaking to friends, civic, fraternal and business organizations, donors, and media outlets about his experiences being a CASA volunteer. The passion and dedication of Kevin O’Boyle will be sadly missed by CFACC and OH CASA.

A Message From Doug Stephens, Director, Ohio CASA:

“As recently as last Friday afternoon, June 26, as President of the Board of Directors of the Ohio CASA/GAL Association, Kevin led our quarterly meeting.  As always he was enthusiastic, prepared, and professional.  Also as always, his purpose was clearly about “his CASA kids.”  After his own kids, Kevin was most often talking about “his CASA kids” and how we could better serve them.  Whether about the Chicago area, Akron, on the Ohio state board, and most passionately Cuyahoga County, Kevin was always thinking about “his CASA kids.”  He will be greatly missed.”